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 NameCategory1st responsibleManufacturerModel
View 3D Optical ProfilerCharacterizationKen Roger ErvikBrukerContour GT -K
View 3D printer Titan 1 Other processesKen Roger ErvikKudo3DTitan 1
View 3D printer Ultimaker 2Other processesKen Roger ErvikUltimakerUltimaker 2
View AESSurface analysis & TEMAmin Hossein ZaviehJEOLJAMP 9500F
View AFM Dimension IconCharacterizationAmin Hossein ZaviehBrukerDimension Icon
View AFM, NanoSurfCharacterizationKen Roger ErvikNanosurfeasyScan 2
View AFM, Nanosurf FlexCharacterizationKen Roger ErvikNanosurfeasyScan 2
View AFM, VeecoCharacterizationKen Roger ErvikVeeco MetrologydiMultimode V
View ALDDepositionMark ChiappaVeecoSavannah S200
View Analytical BalancesChemical methodsTrine HjertåsSartoriusTE214S
View AutoclaveChemical methodsTrine HjertåsParr Instrument Company4564 Mini Bench Top Reactor
View CAIBEDry etchPeter KøllenspergerOxford InstrumentsIonfab 300 Plus (LC)
View Calcination (gold) FurnaceThermal processesSvenn Ove LindeThermcraftTTL-2,25-0-12-1B-J8961/ 1A
View Carbon Coater for SEM Sample Prep.DepositionKen Roger ErvikCressington208 Carbon
View Centrifuge (Table top)Chemical methodsTrine HjertåsHeraeusLabofuge 400R, art.no. 75008164
View Chemical area courseOther processesTrine Hjertås--
View Chemical stations in lito areaLithographyMathilde BarrietPM PlastPM Plast
View CVDDepositionSvenn Ove LindeGraphene SquareTA100
View DIC microscopeCharacterizationKen Roger ErvikCarl ZeissZeiss AxoScope A1 for Reflected light BF- DIC/POL
View Dip CoaterDepositionMathilde BarrietNIMA TechnologyDC-mono-75, type D1L-75
View Drop Shape Analyser DSA25Surface analysis & TEMMathilde BarrietKrussDSA25
View Drying Oven 1Thermal processesTrine HjertåsTermaksTS 8056
View Drying Oven 2Thermal processesTrine HjertåsTermaksTS 8056
View Drying Oven 3 (Small)Thermal processesTrine HjertåsTermaksTS 8024
View E Beam Evaporator - K.J. Lesker DepositionSvenn Ove LindeK.J. LeskerPVD 75 Custom
View E Beam evaporator & Sputter AJADepositionSvenn Ove LindeAJA International Inc.Custom ATC-2200V
View E-Beam Evaporator - PfeifferDepositionMathilde BarrietPfeifferVacuum Classic 500
View EBL ElionixLithographyMark ChiappaElionixELS-G100
View EBL Elionix workstationLithographyMark ChiappaElionixN/A
View FIB G4 (Advanced level)CharacterizationAmin Hossein ZaviehFEIHelios G4 UX
View Fluorescence microscopeCharacterizationKen Roger ErvikCarl ZeissAxio Scope.A1 430035-9120-000
View Focused Ion Beam (FIB G2) CharacterizationAmin Hossein ZaviehFEI CompanyHelios Nanolab
View Fume Hood 4Chemical methodsTrine Hjertås--
View Fume Hood 5Chemical methodsTrine Hjertås--
View Fume Hood 6Chemical methodsTrine Hjertås--
View Glove Box NitrogenChemical methodsMathilde BarrietMbraunUNI lab
View HF buddyChemical methodsTrine HjertåsNanoLabNanoLab
View HF fume hoodChemical methodsTrine HjertåsPM Plast-
View ICP-RIE ChillerDry etchSvenn Ove LindeOxford InstrumentsPlasmalab System 100 ICP-RIE 180
View ICP-RIE CryoDry etchSvenn Ove LindeOxford InstrumentsPlasmaLab System 100-ICP180
View JEOL SEMCharacterizationKen Roger ErvikJEOLJSM-6480LV
View LAF Safety BenchBionanoTrine HjertåsKojairLAF safety bench
View Laminar Flow Bench 1 & KSV-dipcoaterChemical methodsTrine HjertåsFortuna1.2
View Laminar Flow Bench 2Chemical methodsTrine HjertåsFortuna1.2
View Laminar Flow Bench 3Chemical methodsTrine HjertåsFortuna0.9
View Langmuir Blodgett troughChemical methodsMathilde BarrietKSVNIMA
View Lithography CourseOther processesMark Chiappa--
View Manual Wafer ScriberSawingMartijn de RooszSüssMS100
View Mask Aligner MJB3LithographyMark ChiappaKarl Süss KSM MJB-3 HP
View Maskaligner MA6LithographyMark ChiappaKarl SüssMA6
View MiBots (micromanipulators)CharacterizationKen Roger ErvikImina TechnologiesMiBot BT-11-VP (Vacuum compatible)
View Micro-Raman SpectroscopyCharacterizationTrine HjertåsRenishawInVia Reflex Spectrometer System
View MicroscopeBionanoKen Roger ErvikCarl ZeissPrimo star
View MicroscopeBionanoKen Roger ErvikCarl ZeissPrimo star
View MicroscopeBionanoKen Roger ErvikCarl ZeissPrimo star
View Microwave OvenThermal processesTrine HjertåsAnton PaarMultiwave 3000
View MLA 100LithographyMark ChiappaHeidelbergMLA100
View MLA 150LithographyMark ChiappaHeidelbergMLA150
View NanoDrop UV vis spectrophotometerCharacterizationTrine HjertåsThermo FischerOne/One CRM:0070121
View Nanoimprinter SCILLithographyMark ChiappaKarl SüssSCIL
View Nanosight Nanoparticle Analysis SystemCharacterizationTrine HjertåsNanosight LM10 and LM10HS
View Ovens for Lithography ProcessesLithographyMark ChiappaMemmertU26
View Particle size analyserCharacterizationTrine HjertåsBeckman CoulterN5 Submicron Particle Size Analyzer
View PDMS area courseBionanoMathilde BarrietTermaksTS 8024
View PECVDDepositionSvenn Ove LindeOxford InstrumentsPLasmaLab System 100-PECVD
View pH-meterChemical methodsTrine HjertåsWTWinoLab pH 730
View Plasma CleanerDry etchKen Roger ErvikDiener ElectronicsFemto
View Profilometer (Stylus)CharacterizationKen Roger ErvikVeecoDektak 150
View Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) OvenThermal processesSvenn Ove LindeJipelecJetfirst 200 mm
View ReflectometerCharacterizationMark ChiappaFilmetricsF20
View Rotary evaporatorsChemical methodsTrine HjertåsHeidolphLaborota 4000/ G4 bad
View RTP Allwin 1 OrganicThermal processesMathilde BarrietAllwin21AW610
View RTP Allwin 2 InorganicThermal processesMathilde BarrietALLWIN21AW610
View S(T)EMCharacterizationKen Roger ErvikHitachiS-5500 S(T)EM
View SCIL Replication toolLithographyMark ChiappaSûssMRT
View ScriberSample preparationMark ChiappaDynatexDXIII
View SECMCharacterizationTrine HjertåsPrinceton Applied Research370
View SEM (Table Top)CharacterizationAmin Hossein ZaviehHitachiTM3000 Tabletop microscope
View SEM APREOCharacterizationAmin Hossein ZaviehFEIAPREO
View Shaking platform (orbital)Chemical methodsTrine HjertåsGrant-bioPOS-300
View Spin coaterChemical methodsMathilde BarrietLaurell TechnologiesWS-400B-6NPP-LITE/ AS
View Sputter Coater and Thermal EvaporatorDepositionKen Roger ErvikCressington308R
View Sputter Coater for SEM Sample Prep.DepositionAmin Hossein ZaviehCressington208 HR B
View StereomicroscopeCharacterizationTrine HjertåsNikonNikon SMZ460/SMZ800
View STM 1, NanosurfCharacterizationKen Roger ErvikNanosurfeasyScan 2
View STM 2, NanosurfCharacterizationKen Roger ErvikNanosurfeasyScan 2
View STM 3, NanosurfCharacterizationKen Roger ErvikNanosurfeasyScan 2
View Syringe Pump FusionBionanoTrine HjertåsChemyxFusion 400
View Syringe pump KDSChemical methodsMathilde BarrietkdScientificKDS-200-CE
View Syringe Pump NexusBionanoTrine HjertåsChemyxNexus 3000
View Table Top CentrifugeChemical methodsTrine HjertåsHermleZ 326 K
View UltracentrifugeChemical methodsTrine HjertåsSorvallWX Ultra 100
View Ultrasonic Disintegrator 1Chemical methodsTrine HjertåsBranson Sonifier450 CE Digital
View Ultrasonic Disintegrator 2Chemical methodsTrine HjertåsBranson Sonifier450 CE Digital
View UV Ozone CleanerBionanoKen Roger ErvikNovascanPSD PRO-UV T6
View Vacuum Oven 1Thermal processesTrine HjertåsBinderVD 23
View Vacuum Oven 3Thermal processesTrine HjertåsBinderVD 23
View Wafer saw Disco 3220Other processesMark ChiappaDiscoDAD
View Wet Etch CourseOther processesMathilde Barriet--
View Wire BonderBonding and packagingAmin Hossein ZaviehTPTHB05 Wedge and Ball Bonder
View XPSSurface analysis & TEMAmin Hossein ZaviehKratos AnalyticalAxis Ultra DLD
View XPS Catalyst chamberSurface analysis & TEMSverre PettersenKratos AnalyticalAxis Ultra DLD
View Yellow Light MicroscopeLithographyMark ChiappaNikonEclipse LV150
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