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This area is restricted to work with silanes and siloxanes only.  A PDMS area licence is needed to work here.

PDMS (polydimethylsiloxane) is a type of silicone that is widely used within microfluidics and biological applications. It is flexible, oxygen permeable and transparent. PDMS can be moulded onto a structured silicon substrate to create an inverted replica. The mould can then be used to stamp molecules onto surfaces, pattern self assembling monolayers, glued onto a piece of glass to create a microfluidic devide, etc.

The PDMS-area in the cleanroom (ISO 7) is allocated for work with PDMS, other siloxanes and silanes. This is to minimize the risk of silane/siloxane-contamination of the rest of the cleanroom.

The structures on the silicon wafer that serves as a master when molding the stamp, decides the dimensions of the stamp. However, there are some design issues (aspect ratio and spacing) to avoid deformation of the soft stamp.

The area includes a fumehood with scales, a spinner, a small vacuum pump and an oven for curing. Nitrogen and deionized water is available.

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PDMS area course
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