NTNU NanoLab

Welcome to the lab information and management system (LIMS) for NTNU NanoLab.

Access to the cleanroom

In order to work in NTNU NanoLab's cleanroom, you need an activity and the cleanroom course. Please do all of the following steps:

  1. Sign up for the "Cleanroom course" by sending an e-mail to nanolab@ntnu.no The course schedule is found here.
  2. Fill in an activity document and send it to nanolab@ntnu .no It is found here.
  3. Register as a new user on this page, LIMS, here. Your registration will be approved after the cleanroom course.
  4. Apply for the instrument and area licenses you need through LIMS. Information regarding available courses and how to sign up is given in the course schedule found here. Instrument information is found under the Tools tab above.
  5. NTNU NanoLab provides many standard chemicals. The list can be seen in ECO online. If you are bringing other chemicals into the cleanroom, please fill in and send us the Introducing chemicals form found here.

4 out of 5 links above direct you to the General documents page, under the Info tab above.


Other sources of information

  • Instrument information: Under the Tool tab above and at www.norfab.no.
  • Financial support for activities in this and other Norwegian cleanrooms: www.norfab.no
  • Price list: Under the Info tab above; General documents.The supplement includes information for NTNU affiliated users.
  • NTNU NanoLab's organisation and contact details: www.ntnu.no/nanolab
  • News, seminars and other nanotechnology related information: Register on our mailing list by sending an email to nanolab@ntnu.no. This information is also available on www.ntnu.no/nanolab