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CAIBE = Chemically Assisted Ion Beam Etching. That means that in addition to doing pure ion beam etching (or milling) reactive gases can be introduced as the ion source (RIBE) or close to the sample and then it’s called CAIBE. NB! For the time being this instrument will only be used with Ar and O2. Ar is normally used as the ion source (IBE) while O2 can be used for RIBE. Later other reactive gases like SF6, CHF3 and Cl2 might be added. Please inform the NanoLab staff if you are interested in adding more gases.

  • Materials allowed: Very few restrictions but always check with instrument responsible first!
  • Sample sizes: From small pieces up to 4"
  • Process gases: Ar and O2.
  • Ion source: 30cm, 5kW
  • Operating temperature: 10°C to 300°C
  • Base Pressure: 2E-7Torr
  • Substrate Tilting: -90° to +65°
  • Substrate Rotation: Up to 20 RPM
  • Substrate Cooling: He backside cooling
  • Typical applications: Metals including Au and Pt
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Thin Film & Dry Etch
Dry etch
Oxford Instruments
Ionfab 300 Plus (LC)
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