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The AJA Sputter and Evaporator consists of 5 sputter guns and an e-gun with 6 corresponding target pockets.


Sputtering is used to deposit thin films of materials onto a substrate. Argon atoms are ionized, bombarded onto the target which leads to the ejection of atoms from the surface. These ejected atoms will in turn hit the substrate and coat the surface with a thin film of target material. 

Available targets for sputtering: Ag, Al, Al2O3, Au, Co, CoFe, Cr, Cu, Fe, Ge, ITO, Mg, Mn, Ni, NiFe, Pd, Pt, Si, Si3N4, SiO2, Ti, TiO2, MgF2

e-Beam Evaporation:

An e-beam evaporator is used to deposit single or multilayer thinfilms of metals, oxides, magnetic materials and dielectrics. An electron beam is sweeped over the target surface transforming target atoms into gaseous phase which precipitates into solid form coating the chamber. This takes place under high vacuum (~10E-7 Torr) enabling the atoms to evaporate freely in the chamber. The deposition thickness is controlled by a quartz crystal monitor.Minimum controlled deposition is ~1 nm and maximum is up to a few hundred nm (depending on material). The deposition rate can be varied from 1Å/s to 5Å/s. 

Available targets for e-beam evaporation: Au, Ag, Ti, Ag, Cu, Al, Ge, Pd, Si/open for requests. 



·         Samples sizes: From small samples up to 4” wafers.

·         Five 2” sputter guns.

·         One RF and two DC power sources. One of the DC sources is switched between three sputter guns.

·         Substrate biasing for substrate pre-cleaning/plasma assisted deposition.

·         Uniformity +/- 0.5% for 4” wafer (sputtering).

·         Six 7cc e-beam pockets.

·         5kW e-gun power supply.

·         8.90kV e-gun acceleration voltage.

·         Substrate rotation.

·         Substrate heating up to 850 °C.

·         Base vacuum: 5E-8 Torr.


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E Beam evaporator & Sputter AJA
Thin Film & Dry Etch
AJA International Inc.
Custom ATC-2200V
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