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The NanoSight can be used to measure any particle type in any non-corrosive, transparent solvent and water, refractive index is not required. A range of solvent resistant seals are available.


Technology Description:

The Nanosight count, size and visualise nanoparticles. It is based on a conventional optical microscope, but uses a laser light source to illuminate nano-scale particles within a sample introduced to the viewing unit with a disposable syringe. Particles appear individually as point-scatterers moving under Brownian motion. Polydisperse and multimodal systems are instantly recognisable and quantifiable, as are agglomerates and contaminants. Image analysis NTA software suite allows automatic tracking and sizing of nanoparticles on individual basis and video clips of images may be captured and archived for future reference. The results are displayed as a frequency size distribution graph.

The LM10-HS utilises an EMCCD (Electron Multiplication Charge Coupled Device) camera which improves the sensitivity of the standard LM10.

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Nanosight Nanoparticle Analysis System
Chemical area
LM10 and LM10HS
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