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The Zeiss Axio Scope.A1 is an optical microscope that can be used with both reflected and transmitted light. It is a highly flexible setup specifically intended for biological samples. The microscope can be used with large samples (up to 110mm wide and 380mm high!). The setup has filters for:

* Bright field (BF): illumination from below

* Epi bright field (Epi BF): illumination from above

* Dark field (DF): only observing light scattered by the specimen

* Fluorescence with up to three dyes: 

            - Fs 49: excitation at 365nm (105nm bandpass width)

            - Fs 38: excitation at 470nm (40nm bandpass width)

            - Fs 20: excitation at 546nm (12nm bandpass width)

* Differential interference contrast (DIC): relief contrast for unstained samples


The microscope has three interchangeable light sources:

* 2x Halogen lamps for both transmitted and reflected light

* A HXP 120W mercury arc lamp for fluorescence excitation


The objective lenses installed are:

* 10x and 20x N-ACHROPLAN inexpensive all-round objectives with good chromatic correction and planarity.

* 5x and 20x EC Plan-NEOFLUAR and 40x LD Plan-NEOFLUAR high-resolution objectives for high contrast and high transmission.

* 63x Acroplan oil immersion objective


Images can be captured on the connected computer using the AxioCam MRc firewire camera (1388x1040 pixel sensor) mounted on top of the microscope.

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Fluorescence microscope
Carl Zeiss
Axio Scope.A1 430035-9120-000
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