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A wire bonder is used to make electrical connections to electronic devices by attaching a very thin wire to the system. Several possibilities exist to connect the wire to the electronic device. The HB05 uses thermosonic bonding connection. One can either do ball/wedge bonding or wedge/wedge bonding. Switching between these two modes requires only change of the bonding capillary, which can easily and in very short time be done by the user. Usually goldwires are used but upon request this can be changed to another material. The HB05 is very userfriendly and gives direct acces to all bonding parameters which can all be adjusted in a very simple way.

Sample Specifications:    The size of the wafer below should not exceed 4 inch in diameter and ca. 5 mm in height.


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Wire Bonder
Bonding and packaging
HB05 Wedge and Ball Bonder
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