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The nanosurf Flex AFM is a versatile atomic force microscope that can measure the topography and several other properties of a sample with nanometer resolution in a compact and easy to use format. You may operate the FlexAFM with different applications; non-contact/ tapping mode, force modulation mode, contact mode, EFM (electric force microscopy) and MFM (magnetic force microscopy), in air or in liquid environments, in materials or life science, in standard imaging or in advanced measurement modes. An illuminated sample holder for transparent samples is available. The Flex AFM require no laser alignment. Top and side view optics ensures easy sample positioning and approach, which can be observed on the computer screen. A highly compact active vibration isolation solution ensures good imaging conditions


Sample Specifications:

The AFM can be used on most materials that are not too rough. To study particles, these have to be firmly attached to the surface. Sample size is unlimited without sample stage, 100 mm on sample stage. Maximum petri dish height is 9 mm with maximum fluid level 6 mm. Manual approach range are 30 mm.

Technical Information:

  • Model: easyScan 2
  • Year model: 2010
  • Maximum Scan range: 10 µm
  • Maximum Z-range: 10 µm
  • Scan speed up to 60 ms/ line at 128 data points/ line
Tool name:
AFM, Nanosurf Flex
Chemical area
easyScan 2
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