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Plasma systems can be used for cleaning and activation of surfaces. Etching and coating is also feasible. Gas in a low pressure chamber is excited by a supply of energy. Oxygen and argon are the gases used in this plasma system. It is designed to fit 4″-wafers in the chamber, i.e. 103 mm. Practically every material can be cleaned with plasma. The surface is physically cleaned by ion bombardment, and chemically cleaned by the ionized gas. UV radiation helps breaking down long-chain complex carbon compounds.Oxygen plasma creates radical sites on the surface, leaving it hydrophilic. This activation could be used e.g. as pretreatment when gluing together PDMS and glass to create microfluidic devices

Generator and gas flow information

The maximum generator frequency is 40kHz, maximum flow rate is 200 sccm. Thus, any percentage on the generator and gas knobs correspond to a percentage of these values.

Sample Specifications:  

This plasma cleaner is not intended for use on samples for electron microscopy when they are attached to an EM-sample holder. The chamber is 103 x 103 x 285 mm (w x h x d).

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Plasma Cleaner
Dry etch
Diener Electronics
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