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The controller for the AFM head can also be used with an STM head.

Atomic Force Microscopy offers topographic measurements of surfaces with accuracy in the nanometric scale.The Nanosurf AFM is an easy to use instrument that can make nanometer scale resolution measurements of topography and roughness of a sample surface, in tapping or contact mode. The image quality is not as good as for the Veeco AFM which is also available at NanoLab, but the Nanosurf AFM is easier to use and takes less time to learn. No alignment or adjustment of the laser is needed, as special tips with an in built alignment system is used. The Nanosurf AFM is ideal to e.g. check structures prepared in lithography processes.

Sample specifications

  • No restricions in sample size. The AFM can even be placed on the sample, if necessary.
  • Maximum Scan range: 70 µm
  • Maximum Z-range: 14 µm



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AFM, NanoSurf
Chemical area
easyScan 2
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