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The spin coater may be used for coating, etching, cleaning, developing, rinsing/ drying of substrates and coatings. This single wafer spin processor is compatible with solvents, strong bases and acids.A substrate is loaded on to the chuck, vacuum hold-down is engaged from the control panel and the lid closed. The speed (100-8000 RPM), acceleration and time may be programmed. The bowl-shaped interior forces the fluid downwards, where it is routed directly to the rear drain. The chamber is equipped with a nitrogen purge. A 5 ml syringe with 4 different sized needles allows for manual or programmed control of dispense of fluids directly onto the substrate’s centre.

The process chamber is solid natural polypropylene with 216 mm I.D, which can handle up to Ø 150 mm wafers or 100 mm square substrates.

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Spin coater
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