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The TM3000 is a tabletop microscope operating under the principle of low-vacuum observation, where a narrowly focused electron beam is directed onto the specimen. The resulting backscattered electrons are detected, and parts of the specimen are enlarged for observation.
The SEM provides a great focal depth and permits high magnification observations when compared with an optical microscope. No need for cumbersome preparation of samples; even if they are non-conductive. The instrument is fast and easy to use. A quick 3-minute lead time from the time the system is turned on until the specimen can be observed. It has the capacity to perform observation to suit various conditions by switching observation modes and condition settings.

The table top is equipped with a tilt\rotation stage, allowing the user to maneuver the stage while the sample is inside the vacuum chamber.

  • Sample specification: Sample size can’t exceed 70 mm in diameter and 10 mm in height (also depends on sample holder).
  • Magnification: 15 to 30000x (digital zoom: 2x, 4x)
  • Image mode: COMPO/Shadow 1/Shadow 2/TOPO
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SEM (Table Top)
TM3000 Tabletop microscope
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