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In order to achieve the highest quality results, final polishing with very low energy ions is required to minimize surface damage on the sample. FEI's Phoenix Focused Ion Beam (FIB) column delivers high-resolution imaging and milling at high voltages, and also extends unmatched FIB performance down to accelerating voltages as low as 500V, enabling the creation of ultra-thin TEM lamella with sub-nm damage layers.



  • Detectors:
    • ETD (in chamber, SE) 
    • TLD (In-Lens, SE and BSE)
    • ICE (In-Chamber, SI and SE)
    • iCD (In-Column Detector, SE and BSE)
    • MD (Mirror Detector, in-column, BSE)
    • EDX Oxford Xmax 80 mm2 Solid angle (10mm WD) 0.03409 srad, 127 eV
    • In-camber Navigation Camera
    • Chamber Camera CCD
  • E-beam:
    • Monochromated Elstar e-column
    • Attainable resolution: 0.7 nm @ 1 kV (material dependent)
    • Acceleration Voltage: 0.2 – 30 kV 
    • Maximum beam current: 100 nA (100pA in Monochromated mode)
  • I-beam:
    • Pheonix i-column
    • Attainable resolution: 300 nm @ 1 kV (material dependent)
    • Acceleration Voltage: 0.5 – 30 kV 
    • Maximum beam current: 65 nA
    • Time of Flight (TOF) correction for accurate patterning
  • Depostion:
    • Carbon, C
    • Platinum, Pt
  • EasyLift:
    • Smallest step size <50 nm
    • Omni-directional repeatability <100 nm
    • True ‘Z’ movement of 500 nm over a 5 μm Z stroke
    • Drift <50 nm / min

Software available:

Auto Slice&View 4

Auto Slice and View 4 is the fourth generation of FEI’s automation software for automated serial sectioning and imaging through a user-defined volume of a specimen. The sequence of images captured by Auto Slice and View 4 can be compiled into a video or can be used as input for 3-dimensional reconstruction of the sliced volume.

EasyLift EX NanoManipulator for TEM lamella preperation

The EasyLift family of NanoManipulators is FEI’s advanced and preferred solution for in-situ sample manipulation and TEM lamella transfer. All EasyLift models are integrated with the microscope xT software to provide an easy, intuitive method for sample manipulation inside the DualBeam chamber. With motorized needle rotation included, EasyLift EX provides superior performance for TEM sample preparation. EasyLift EX includes increased precision, increased stability, and motorized needle rotation for easy preparation of traditional, plan view, and ultra-thin TEM samples.


FEI NanoBuilder is a tool for systematic planning of construction of multi-layer nanostructures by dividing CAD files into ordered projects. This facilitates the generation of complex structures that previously were tedious or even impossible to build. NanoBuilder allows accurate patterning of large and complex nanostructures on multiple sites, supporting all DualBeam patterning processes: focused ion beam (FIB) milling, gas-assisted FIB milling, FIB induced deposition, and electron-induced deposition.


The Science Academic version iFast Developer’s Kit enables the user to quickly and easily create new recipes or modify existing recipes to be used with the basic iFast Runner. Recipes are edited within an intuitive graphical interface, enabling faster learning of the programming environment as well as an easier understanding of existing recipes. Within the iFast Developers environment the user is able to control columns, detectors, stage motion and site alignment, with logical operation and looping.

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FIB G4 (Advanced level)
Helios G4 UX
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