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The tool ICP-RIE Cryo - Manual Mode is made to replace the ICP-RIE Cryo while it is down. We are still waiting for spare parts (expected delivery in January 2023)

At the moment the system can only be used in a so called 'Position mode' instead of 'Pressure mode'.

This means that we can only set the position of the throttle valve and not the desired process pressure, so there is no feedback on the process pressure. Once the system is conditioned for a specific process the pressure should remain stable and the system is then ready to run an etch process.

If you want to use the system we can make a recipe for you for your specific process. You can only run that specific process. 

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ICP-RIE Cryo - Manual Mode
Thin Film & Dry Etch
Dry etch
Oxford Instruments
PlasmLab 100
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